LES & East Village

1 Aug

The LES (thats New York for the Lower East Side)


is the area South of East Houston St. down to Manhattan Bridge
and East of the Bowery to the water.


This area is one of those places where you need to know where to go. It doesn’t always have the best spots and while cool hipsters spend there nights here, they don’t usually spend their days here.

You are more likely to walk around exploring all the wonderful things in the East Village and hitting the recommended spots of the LES.

The East Village areas run South of 14th St. to East Houston and from about 3rd ave. east to alphabet city.

Here are my top 10 eat.drink.shop .packable. picks for these areas.

#1. Edi and the wolf

#2. Freeman’s Restaurant

#3. Schiller’s

#4. McSorleys Pub
This is the oldest pub! They didn’t even start allowing women in until the 70’s! Make sure to get there early as the more crowded it gets the less likely you would want to be there.

#5. Cienfuegos Hidden Rum Bar

Such a romantic spot and a fun spot for girls night out depending on where you are seated. The ambiance is the best by far and the rum combos are out if this world! Don’t be intimidated by having to walk though a deliesqe bravo get to the stairway that leads to heaven!
#6. Janes sticky buns

This place is BRAND NEW as in 1 month old. I am dying to go here. Perfect for after a night out they are opened late and have boozy buns. NY critics rave!
#7. Dear Rivington

Tons of fun finds at this LES gem.
#8. Oak

This is one of two locations. Perfect for all you Brooklynites.
#9. Painters an Spade

Art and stuff! My fav. Kind of shop.
#10. opening ceremony.

What are your fav. spots in the east village or LES?


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