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Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

21 Nov

With only two days away from devouring all the delicious foods, I started to panic about what to bring to dinner. What to bring the wonderful hostess that spent all their time preparing the lovely meal so all I have to do is show up! Here are some ways to show your appreciation and be the perfect guest!

Always great your hostess with a big hug and kiss and thank them for having you.

Ask what you can do to help, but don’t push and start plunging in if your hostess says no thanks!

A good gift for your parents or spouses parents are these Eco friendly to go boxes with these adorable labels from Camle Styles. This is perfect with a satin ribbon so your family can keep or take home the leftovers.


Need a more masculine gift? These glasses are the perfect addition to any bar.


Having turkey with your girl friends and co?
Go for one of these two fun options!



In a pinch or going somewhere new, wine is always a perfect option. Opt for a wine that is great with Turkey or what your hostess menu calls for. Also, it should be equally as adorable


Always remember to fallow up with a handwritten thank you note!!!


What’s your favorite hostess gift?